We’re now into our 6th year (YEA!) day trading Crude Oil, the E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Russell, Gold, EuroFX and the DAX, where we shoot for $300 to $400 a day in a LIVE! Trading Room and (hopefully) help others reach their goals of financial independence and security.

But it took awhile to get here. I started trading stocks in the 1980s and diversified into commodity futures for the first time in 1994. Because of a bad experience with someone who “managed” my account, I started learning everything I could about swing trading.

Then the day trading bug bit and since late-1999, I’ve been a full-time day trader AND continuing student of the markets.

I’m still amazed at how precisely you can often enter these computer-driven markets . . . sometimes to-the-tick!

What can trading do for you? Well, it’s the perfect “job” — either a new career or a steady second income.  You can work the hours (or even days) you choose — and do it from anywhere in the world with reliable broadband Internet.   It can quickly build your retirement or your kids’ college savings accounts.  It can get you out from under crushing debt.  And it’s fun!

So I’m glad you found us . . . and hope you’ll join in!




[Update: January 5, 2015:]  Now that Crude Oil has picked-up and Gold has settled down, I’ll be happy to call trades in those markets again.  Not everyone will trade these faster markets (or FDAX) so let me know if you’re interested since I don’t call trades for entertainment — but for those who want to take them.  We still focus on the Stock Indexes but now also take earlier trades in Crude Oil and sometimes get the full Daily Profit Target before the 9:30 a.m. (EST) Open.

[Update: 5/5/2014]: Since Crude Oil has been much slower the last month and Gold has been insane we adapted and began focusing more on the Stock Indexes: E-Mini S&P (ES), E-Mini Russell (TF) and E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ), starting at 9:15 a.m. (EST) with a Market Preview and beginning our trading at 9:30 a.m. (EST) with the New York Open. I’m still available for Crude Oil and Gold traders who want to start earlier . . . on an individual basis.

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Chartsky Trades Fall Logo 2

Over the Summer of 2015, we changed our entry and profit-taking techniques in the LIVE! Trading Room.

We focused on fewer and a little less aggressive trades and slightly larger size.  That meant we had to trade longer, so we stayed until 11:00-11:30 a.m. (EST) most days.  We also had time to discuss more aspects of price action — but not even close to what we cover in One-On-One teaching.

Anyway, we kept that approach even after Labor Day because the markets didn’t yet support more frequent trades.  In other words, losing trades were still too hard to recover and more aggressive entries were less reliable.

The markets we focus on in the LIVE! Trading Room — Crude Oil (CL), the E-Mini S&P (ES) and EuroFX (6E) — are some of the most historically volatile and profitable markets.  But all markets go through cycles.

I’m a firm believer — and teach — as a professional trader, you take what the market wants to give and not try to force it to act in a certain way.  Besides, there are many different ways to profit!

But you always have to re-evaluate your per-trade expectancy.  When it’s negative, you either don’t trade or adjust whatever you should to bring it properly positive. Like I said above, we did that by reducing the types of trades we took making a more conservative approach with slightly larger size very profitable.

The last week in September, we transitioned back to the Daily Profit Target approach: Where we take slightly more frequent and potentially aggressive trades, aim for the $300-$400 per position Daily Profit Target and stop trading when it is reached to enjoy the rest of our day.  Trading multiple markets, that usually gives us more than the Daily Profit Target.

I’ve already posted videos of the Summer Style, so here are a few screen shots and videos of what we’re doing now:


September 30th:



September 30th Video


October 1st:


October 1st Video


October 2nd:  No LIVE! Trading Room (only One-On-One) — Non-Farm Payroll Report Day.


October 5th:


October 5th Video


October 6th:


October 6th Video


October 7th:



October 7 Video #1

October 7 Video #2


October 8th:


October 8 Video


October 9th:  We took a well-deserved day off.


October 12th:


October 12th Video


So like the title says . . . a GREAT start to fall trading!

You can be trading with us tomorrow!  Just go to the LIVE! Trading Room page and sign-up.

Best Regards,

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YES! We’re still here and still calling trades in real-time, as they set-up and develop, every morning in the LIVE! Trading Room!

The beginning of June was spotty — until I switched-back to an old Crude Oil approach from several years ago. Then we started doing really well and began to focus mostly on CL with some EuroFX trades. Stock Indexes can be added back (if we need anything added to CL) once they stop whipping so much.

In fact, we’ve been doing SO well day trading Crude Oil in my CRUDE OIL TRADING ROOM that I was asked by a Broker to conduct a Webinar on Crude Oil Day Trading.

July has been on fire!

Anyway, here are some videos from mid-June into July using an old approach from when Crude Oil (CL) was the only market I followed:

June 19, 2015:

June 23, 2015:

June 30, 2015:

July 7, 2015:


For more charts and videos you can check out the MORE: Charts & Videos page.

And you can join us tomorrow! Just go to the LIVE Trading Room page . . .

Best Regards,


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OK . . . the first 3-months of 2015 are finished and we were happily profitable again.

Maybe not like years past — but consistently profitable during some of the lowest volume and most hysterically whipping price I can remember.

You still have time to join us and make 2015 the year you turn the corner . . . make 2015 the year you take the next step . . . make 2015 the year when all your time and energy finally pays off!

Join us in the LIVE! Trading Room and day trade some of the most profitable markets:  the E-Mini S&P (ES), E-Mini Russell (TF), Crude Oil (CL), and sometimes Gold (GC) and the EuroFX (6E).

Until then, here’s some of what we did starting in April.


Here’s a Weekly Recap of April 13-17, 2015:



Here’s a Weekly Recap of April 6-10, 2015:

And her are some of the trades from an Afternoon Session on Friday, April 10th:

Here’s April 8, 2015 — Another Add-On Day!

A day when we get our Daily Profit Target quickly and the markets are moving well so we stick around and grab a few more winning trades.

Here’s April 7, 2015.

Today was a great Add-On Day.    Yesterday morning was tough (price spiked straight up and we got some partial losers trying to catch the retracement).  But yesterday in the Afternoon Session we more than made up for the morning and took the Daily Profit Target (plus) away.

Best Regards,


P.S. — Remember, you can also join me for One-On-One training and learn exactly how we took the trades in the video(s) above.

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Will 2015 be like 2014 was for you?  Or will 2015 finally be the year you start making the money you deserve from what you’ve already invested so much time, effort and energy?  You can keeping grabbing flashy free trials or join us in a LIVE! Trading Room where we call trades — in advance — and manage them right on the screen.


We were happy today (March 26th) to see some volume and follow-through come back into our markets. We got the full Daily Profit Target in about 20-minutes and tried for an Add-On trade.  We stopped with $500 per position in about 30-minutes:

I’ll try to find time for a video this weekend . . .

But here are a couple of videos already done.  The first shows a weekly recap for March 2nd through March 6th:



And this shows actual trades in the LIVE! Trading Room for an Afternoon Session on March 3rd:



Too bad a hard-drive crash took everything away from late-January and February.


But here’s how we started 2015:




You can join us tomorrow!

For more information please see the LIVE! Trading Room page.


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 . . . or Happy Holidays!

Are We Still Trading?  YES! Every day.

I don’t update the blog with new videos as often as I should — and that will change in 2015.

But, for now, here’s a quick holiday video from the last few days.

Plus, we go into a little detail about how you trade price action in the ES from this morning.  A little extra that can be used in almost any market or time-frame.





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RISK DISCLOSURE: Futures trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.